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Top 5 Dev Podcasts

  • The Stack Over Flow Podcast

    • icon Rank: 1
    • icon Score: 52784
    The Stack Overflow podcast is a frank and funny conversation about what it means to work in software and how code is reshaping our world. As it celebrates its 12th anniversary, it’s a must listen for any programmer, as necessary as Stack Overflow itself.

    Best Episode

    • A Dash of Anil a Pinch of Glimmer a splash of Glitch
      Glitch a platform that makes it easy for anyone to create or remix a web app has seen over five million apps create...
  • Talk Python To Me

    • icon Rank: 2
    • icon Score: 34810
    A podcast on Python and related technologies

    Best Episode

    • #213: WebAssembly and CPython
      On the last episode we explored Pyodide. A project whose goal is to bring the CPython scientific stack to the browse...
  • Command Line Heroes

    • icon Rank: 3
    • icon Score: 26826
    An original podcast from Red Hat

    Best Episode

    • Robot as Software
      Building a physical robot isn’t cheap—even when it’s the final version. Designing a robot and testing it over and ove...
  • Google Cloud Platform Podcast

    • icon Rank: 4
    • icon Score: 25090
    The Google Cloud Platform Podcast, coming to you every week. Discussing everything on Google Cloud Platform from App Engine to BigQuery.

    Best Episode

    • The Linux Foundation with Chris Aniszczyk
      Today on the podcast we’re speaking with Chris Aniszczyk about the Linux Foundation and the important work they do t...
  • Code Newbie

    • icon Rank: 5
    • icon Score: 24021
    Stories and interviews from people on their coding journey.

    Best Episode

    • S8:E8 - What it's like to be in a computer science class ...
      CS50 is the largest class at Harvard with 800 students but you can also find these engaging lectures online. We cha...

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