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CoRecursive w/ Adam Bell

May 16, 2018

 Rust, the programming language, seems to be really trendy these days.  Trendy to me means shows up a lot on hacker news.  Rust is really interesting language though, and I think the growing popularity is deserved.  

Today I talk with Jim Blandy, one of the authors of Programming Rust.  We talk about what problems rust...

May 2, 2018

Today's interview is with Steven Proctor, the host of the functional geekery podcast.  We talk about distributed programming in general and specifically how erlang supports distributed computing.  We also talk about things he's learned about functional programming and applying FP principles to various non FP...

Apr 18, 2018

Oleg Illyenko is primary creator of Sangria, a graphql implementation used by twitter, The New Yorks Times and many other companies.  We discuss the problems that graphql solves, how sangria works and the problems of api design.

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Talks on Sangria:

Apr 4, 2018

Purescript is a functional programming language that compiles to javascript.  It is a strict haskell dialect that can run anywhere that javascript does.

Justin Woo is a self described Purescript evangelist and enthusiast. We talk about purescript vs elm and working with expressive type systems.  Justin also had some...

Mar 21, 2018


Today's interview is with John A De Goes. We talk about performance problems with monad transformer on the jvm, various flavours of IO monads and reasoning about polymorphic type signatures.  On the lighter side of things, we discuss how to write technical articles well, flame wars and Zee vs Zed pronunciation.