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Memento Mori

Preparing our minds for the inevitable – death is hard. After facing terminal cancer, Kate Gregory reminded herself that this event can still become inspiring by focusing on the positive.

In this episode,  Kate is going to share her success and explain how you could apply her 5 pieces of advice to your career as a software developer to help you to build a remarkable life for yourself.

Podcast Transcript

“One of the great ways to get a lot done is to do a lot.” –Kate Gregory

“They’re like forces of nature, the things that are just happening, it’s up to you to notice them or not. If you notice the good ones you have a better day. If you sit around noticing all the bad ones, you have a crummy day.” –Kate Gregory

“If the constraints are imaginary, you don’t have to respect them if, especially if you’re the one who made them up, if the constraints are real, then you do respect them.” –Kate Gregory


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  1. David Morash

    September 1, 2020

    I really enjoyed this. As a 50ish developer I’ve got quite a different perspective to my younger peers. A lot of what Kate said resonated with me. Enjoying the work I’m doing, helping the team succeed, and leaving at the end of the day knowing I did good work are the forces that drive me on.

    And maybe it’s time to look at C++ again, I haven’t touched it in years.

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Memento Mori