Each episode someone shares the fascinating story behind a piece of software being built.


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A Message From the Host

In software development, there are so many smart and interesting people building things. I want to hear their stories. What was building SQLite, Unix, or that web app actually like? Each episode a guest shares their story and along the way we learn about software development. I think you will learn a couple of things each episode.

Your Host

Adam Gordon Bell

CoRecursive is a Podcast About Building Software

If you are a professional software developer, someone who likes to code, or works in tech, then I’m making this podcast for you.

What’s CoRecursive Mean?

We actually have an episode on this. CoRecursion was a concept I was learning at the time I started the podcast and the domain was available.

So the podcast is named CoRecursive because I am bad at naming. There isn’t much meaning beyond that. It is very cool concept, which in no way is the focus of the podcast.

Contact Me

Email: <adam+webpage@corecursive.com>

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