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Don and Adam discuss Folds

Today we try a different format. Adam invites his neighbour, Don McKay, over to ask him questions. An interesting discussion on recursion, corecursion and the naming of the podcast unfolds.

Episode Transcript

“Imagine that the podcast is some sort of function. It takes into it my interests. I was interested in whatever, a Scala and rust and types and functional programs. So it takes in this list and then it has the step function, which is basically me talking to people where I just pulled down one of these interests, find somebody and talk to them, and I produced an episode.

If you think back to the type of the unfold, it takes in like a single thing. In this case, it’s a list of my interests and then it just keeps on producing elements until it’s done right. Which are the various episodes and it will probably never end because there must be a bug in the algorithm where like new things keep getting added to the interest collection.”

“John was saying, we conclude that since modularity is the key to successful programming, dah, dah, dah, dah, dah. I think what he means by modularity is okay, we write our fold and it’s like three lines long.  Once that exists somewhere, we don’t have to have that base case all over our code. We ended up programming a higher declarative level.
The other reason is just I really like clean abstractions. There’s more to learn but once you do, you’re able to kind of have this language where you can talk about these things at a higher level”

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Don and Adam discuss Folds