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To The Assembly

How do CPUs work? How do compilers work? How does high-level code get translated into machine code? Today’s guest is Matt Godbolt and he knows the answers to these questions.

How he became an expert in bare metal programming is an interesting story. Matt shares his origin story and the creation of compiler explorer in today’s interview.

Podcast Transcript

“I want to engender, hopefully, excitement in other people that I feel when I start taking the lid off  of the computer and pulling out bits further and further down the stack until you get to the CPU and then go like, Oh my gosh, I’ve got all the way to the bottom. And then someone taps you on the shoulder, says, no, you can go deeper than this.  And you are like like deeper, this is amazing and keep on going. .” – Matt Godbolt

“I think it does inform the way that you write software. Just knowing how the ground works. I think there are some things that, that there’s nothing that can save you from yourself if you don’t do it. If you don’t know a few things about how everything’s working at the bottom” – Matt Godbolt



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To The Assembly