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  • CppCast

    The first podcast by C++ developers for C++ developers!

    Best Episodes

    • Podcast News and Updates with Rob and Jason
      Rob and Jason discuss various news articles libraries and announcements.   News Lexy First Beta Release I made a...
    • Holiday Special with Phil Nash and Timur Doumler
      Rob and Jason are back at least for the holidays and are joined by Timur Doumler and Phil Nash to talk about some o...
    • Past Present and Future of C++ with Bjarne Stroustrup
      Rob and Jason are joined by Bjarne Stroustrup designer and original implementer of C++ to discuss the current state ...
  • Algorithms + Data Structures = Programs

    The Algorithms + Data Structures = Programs Podcast (aka ADSP: The Podcast) is an informal podcast inspired by Magic Read Along. We plan to talk about whatever we feel like - algorithms, data structures, programming languages, latest news in tech and more. Feel free to follow us on Twitter at @adspthepodcast.

    Best Episodes

    • Episode 111: C++23 Ranges 2022 Retro & Star Wars
      In this episode Conor and Bryce talk about C++23 Ranges look back on the year 2022 talk about the future of C++ an...
    • Episode 112: 2022 Retro & Running!
      In this episode Conor and Bryce conclude their 2022 retro and talk about running!Link to Episode 112 on WebsiteTwitt...
    • Episode 2: Our Favorite Data Structures
      In this episode Bryce and Conor talk about each of their favorite data structures.Date Recorded: 2020-11-28Date Rele...
  • Two's Complement

    If you come to a fork in the road, take it! Two’s Complement is a programming podcast, hosted by Matt Godbolt and Ben Rady; two programmers who both grew up wanting to make video games. One of them did, one of them didn’t, but now they both work together despite coming from very different backgrounds.

    Best Episodes

    • Not Invented Hear?
      Matt and Ben explore their mutual tendency to favor build over buy. Instead of using open source software that may be...
    • Yak Shaving Part 2 Also Live!
      Ben and Matt finish shaving the yak from the prior episode. While waiting for DNS certificate validation to complete...
    • Time For Computers
      Ben and Matt examine how fast computers are by comparing them to humans. Turns out they're mind-boggling-ly fast. Or ...
  • cpp.chat

    Each fortnight, or thereabouts, we chat with guests from the C++ community about what they're doing, what interests them, and what's going on in the world of C++

    Best Episodes

    • The Curse of Backwards Compatibility
      This week we chat with Harald Achitz about a new ISO mirror in Sweden the C++ community - in Sweden and worldwide ...
    • Did You Really Learn from All the C++ Mistakes?
      We're back! Again! And so is Dave Abrahams after a long period outside the C++ community. So we thought we should h...
    • I Can't Believe I'm Here
      This week err... month no episode we're joined by Anastasia Kazakova for a cross-over show with No Diagnostic Req...
  • No Diagnostic Required

    Every month we bring you news from the world of C++, in the form of a podcast and a YouTube show. Our hosts are Anastasia Kazakova (PMM for CLion and ReSharper C++ at JetBrains) and Phil Nash (Developer Advocated for C++ at SonarSource)

    Best Episodes

    • Episode #9 - August 2021
      As JetBrains celebrates 10 years of C++ support in their tools we look at more modules less [[nodiscard]] - the pos...
    • Episode #1 - December 2020
      This month we talk about more news from around the C++ community - with a distinctly 20s theme.You can watch the sh...
    • Episode #6 - May 2021
      This month has a lot of errors.Finding coding errors at runtime or compile/ analysis time.Handling error paths in ...
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