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  • Remote Ruby

    Three Rubyists having conversations and interviewing others about Ruby and web development.

    Best Episodes

    • Joined by Lee Richmond
      GraphitiResources on Rails - DHH (2006)Rails: The Next Five Years - Yehuda Katz (2012)Graphiti Testing GuideGrap...
    • Live with Nate Berkopec
      Nate's WebsiteNate's Company SpeedshopNate on TwitterThe Complete Guide to Rails Performance
    • Joined by DHH (David Heinemeier Hansson)
      DHH on TwitterRuby on RailsBasecampREWORK Podcast
  • The Bike Shed

    On The Bike Shed, hosts Chris Toomey & Steph Viccari discuss their development experience and challenges at thoughtbot with Ruby, Rails, JavaScript, and whatever else is drawing their attention, admiration, or ire this week.

    Best Episodes

    • 275: In Search of An Acronym
      On this week's episode Steph and Chris revisit their discussion about testing rack rewrite redirect logic mystery g...
    • 269: Things are Knowable (Gary Bernhardt)
      Steph's taking a quick break this week but while she's away Chris is joined by special guest Gary Bernhardt. Gary i...
    • 243: I'm Not a Couch Worker
      On this week's episode Chris shares his recent explorations of railway oriented programming (hint: not what you thin...
  • The Ruby on Rails

    The Ruby on Rails Podcast, a weekly conversation about Ruby on Rails, open source software, and the programming profession. Hosted by Brittany Martin and Brian Mariani. Produced by Mirror Placement. Edited by Peachtree Sound.

    Best Episodes

    • Episode 386: Marginally Wiser (Product Management) with D...
      It's a family affair! Danny Issroff Jemma's older brother visited the show to discuss all things product management...
    • Episode 405: Dev Rel and Second Career Developers with Be...
      Ben Greenberg is a second career developer who previously spent a decade in the fields of adult education community ...
    • Episode 394: Rubyconf 2021 Recap: Live + Virtual (Brittan...
      Brittany and Jemma record right after Rubyconf 2021 so they could share their experiences and favorite talks both in-...
  • Giant Robots Smashing Into Other Giant Robots

    A podcast about the design, development, and business of great software. Each week thoughtbot's Chad Pytel is joined by the people who build and nurture the products we love.

    Best Episodes

    • Values - ShearShare
      Chad and Lindsey talk with Courtney & Tye Caldwell Co-founders of ShearShare discussing culture-fit with new hires...
    • Giant Robots v1
      Chad and Lindsey announce Giant Robots' latest evolution as a long-form startup series following three startups over...
    • 394: Creating a Remote Culture That Thrives
      Chad and Lindsey talk about how the pandemic has changed "normal" remote work and how thoughtbot has dealt with the t...
  • Ruby Rogues

    A weekly discussion about Ruby, Rails, and software development involving the Top End Devs in the community and around the world.

    Best Episodes

    • Isolator with Sidekiq - RUBY 543
      Anton Ivanopoulos joins the show today to share his approach with using Isolator and Sidekiq to ensure simple effici...
    • Be a 1x Developer - RUBY 548
      A 10x developer is defined as a professional who is 10 times more productive than other developers with an equal leve...
    • How to Migrate to Rails 7 - RUBY 535
      Rails 7 is HERE and we’re pumped. In this episode the Ruby Rogues discuss all things migration including the BEST m...
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