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  • Google Cloud Platform Podcast

    The Google Cloud Platform Podcast, coming to you every week. Discussing everything on Google Cloud Platform from App Engine to BigQuery.

    Best Episodes

    • The Linux Foundation with Chris Aniszczyk
      Today on the podcast we’re speaking with Chris Aniszczyk about the Linux Foundation and the important work they do t...
    • Primer with John Bohannon
      Michelle and Mark are together again this week to talk with John Bohannon about AI startup Primer. His goal is to bu...
    • Stackdriver with Rory Petty
      Jon Foust is back this week joining Mark Mirchandani for an in-depth look at Stackdriver with fellow Googler Rory P...
  • AWS Podcast

    The Official AWS Podcast is a podcast for developers and IT professionals looking for the latest news and trends in storage, security, infrastructure, serverless, and more. Join Simon Elisha and Nicki Stone for regular updates, deep dives, and interviews. Whether you’re training machine learning models, developing open source projects, or building cloud solutions, the AWS Official Podcast has something for you.

    Best Episodes

    • #315: Dance Like No One Is Watching Encrypt Like Everyon...
      Simon speaks with Paul Hawkins Security Specialist Solutions Architect at AWS about the ways customers can quickly a...
    • #314: May 2019 Update Show 2
      Simon hosts an update show with lots of great new features and capabilities!Chapters:Developer Tools 0:26Storage 3...
    • #317: June 2019 Update Show
      Simon shares a huge selection of updates and new things!Chapter Marks:00:00:19 Satellites00:01:12 Storage00:03:0...
  • The Cloudcast

    The Cloudcast is the industry's leading, independent Cloud Computing podcast. Since 2011, co-hosts Aaron Delp & Brian Gracely have interviewed technology and business leaders that are shaping the future of computing. Topics will include Cloud Computing | Open Source | AWS | Azure | GCP | Serverless | DevOps | Big Data | ML | AI | Security | Kubernetes | AppDev | SaaS | PaaS | CaaS | IoT. Also available, the "Cloudcast Basics" podcast (@cloudcastbasics), for anyone new to Cloud Computing.

    Best Episodes

    • How Lyft Built a Service Mesh with Envoy
      SHOW: 403DESCRIPTION: Brian talks with Jose Nino (@junr03 Software Engineer @Lyft) about how they evolved from a mon...
    • A Climate Code of Conduct for Events
      SHOW: 404DESCRIPTION: Brian talks with Alexis Richardson (@monadic CEO @weaveworks Chair of TOC @CNCF) about the ca...
    • Understanding Graph Database Patterns
      SHOW: 405DESCRIPTION: Aaron and Brian talk with Emil Eifrem (@emileifrem Founder/CTO @Neo4j) about the emergence of...
  • Screaming in the Cloud

    Screaming in the Cloud with Corey Quinn features conversations with domain experts in the world of Cloud Computing. Topics discussed include AWS, GCP, Azure, Oracle Cloud, and the "why" behind how businesses are coming to think about the Cloud.

    Best Episodes

    • Best Practices Don’t Exist with Paul Osman
      About Paul OsmanPaul Osman is a Software Engineer with 20 years of experience in the industry. He's the Lead Instrume...
    • Best Practices for AWS Security - Part 1 with Scott Piper
      About Scott PiperScott is an independent consultant helping companies secure their AWS environments through private t...
    • Gitting After It with Katie Sylor-Miller
      About KatieKatie Sylor-Miller Frontend Architect at Etsy has a passion for design systems web performance accessi...
  • AWS Morning Brief

    The latest in AWS news, sprinkled with snark. Posts about AWS come out over sixty times a day. We filter through it all to find the hidden gems, the community contributions--the stuff worth hearing about! Then we summarize it with snark and share it with you--minus the nonsense.

    Best Episodes

    • The Sneaky Weakness Behind AWS’ Managed KMS Keys
      Want to give your ears a break and read this as an article? You’re looking for this link.
    • The Unfulfilled Promise of Serverless
      Want to give your ears a break and read this as an article? You’re looking for this link.
    • Screwing Up the Cloud Economics Math
      Links:Introducing concurrent account provisioning operations for AWS Control Tower AWS Cost Anomaly Detection now ...
  • The Cloud Engineering Podcast

    Monologues and dialogues about Cloud Engineering with Prasanjit Singh. Learning sessions about solutions architecture and cloud business. News and discussions around AWS, GCP and AZURE amongst others.

    Best Episodes

    • How AI Augments Production in Manufacturing Units
      Companies are widely adopting Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning to enhance production capabilities. Let's ...
    • A Quick Coverage of DevOps
      As cloud enthusiasts we come across a term called DevOps. What's is it all about? Let's dive into DevOps philosophy ...
    • Understanding Cloud Computing
      Learn about the fundamentals of cloud computing on the move! We will cover virtualisation cloud service models and h...
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