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  • Python Decorators and Writing for Real Python

    • icon Rank: 1
    • icon 2020-03-20
    • icon Score: 2005
    Do you want to learn more about Python decorators? Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes to create a Real Python article? In this first episode We have Geir Arne Hjelle from the Real Python team on the show.
  • Start Using a Build System & Continuous Integration in Py...

    • icon Rank: 2
    • icon 2022-12-16
    • icon Score: 1941
    What advantages can a build system provide for a Python developer? What new skills are required when working with a team of developers? This week on the show Benjy Weinberger from Toolchain is here to discuss the Pants build system and getting started with continuous integration (CI).
  • 2022 Real Python Tutorial & Video Course Wrap Up

    • icon Rank: 3
    • icon 2022-12-23
    • icon Score: 1912
    It's been another year of changes at Real Python! The Real Python team has written edited curated illustrated and produced a mountain of Python material this year. We added some new members to the team updated the site's features and created new styles of tutorials and video courses.
  • Package Python Code With pyproject.toml & Listing Files W...

    • icon Rank: 4
    • icon 2022-12-09
    • icon Score: 1756
    How do you start packaging your code with pyproject.toml? Would you like to join a conversation that gently walks you through setting up your Python projects to share? This week on the show Christopher Trudeau is here bringing another batch of PyCoder's Weekly articles and projects.
  • Preparing Data to Measure True Machine Learning Model Per...

    • icon Rank: 5
    • icon 2022-12-02
    • icon Score: 1423
    How do you prepare a dataset for machine learning (ML)? How do you go beyond cleaning the data and move toward measuring how the model performs? This week on the show Jodie Burchell developer advocate for data science at JetBrains returns to talk about strategies for better ML model performance.
  • Create Interactive Maps & Geospatial Data Visualizations ...

    • icon Rank: 6
    • icon 2023-02-03
    • icon Score: 1197
    Would you like to quickly add data to a map with Python? Have you wanted to create beautiful interactive maps and export them as a stand-alone static web page? This week on the show Christopher Trudeau is here bringing another batch of PyCoder's Weekly articles and projects.
  • Managing Large Python Data Science Projects With Dask

    • icon Rank: 7
    • icon 2022-06-03
    • icon Score: 1137
    What do you do when your data science project doesn't fit within your computer's memory? One solution is to distribute it across multiple worker machines. This week on the show Guido Imperiale from Coiled talks about Dask and managing large data science projects through distributed computing.
  • Build Streamlit Data Science Dashboards & Verbose Regex f...

    • icon Rank: 8
    • icon 2022-06-10
    • icon Score: 1131
    Would you like a fast way to share your data science project results as an interactive dashboard instead of a Jupyter notebook? Streamlit is a library for creating simple web apps and dashboards using just Python. This week on the show Christopher Trudeau is here bringing another batch of PyCoder's Weekly articles and projects.
  • Web Scraping in Python: Tools Techniques and Legality

    • icon Rank: 9
    • icon 2020-06-05
    • icon Score: 1116
    Do you want to get started with web scraping using Python? Are you concerned about the potential legal implications? What are the tools required and what are some of the best practices? This week on the show we have Kimberly Fessel to discuss her excellent tutorial created for PyCon 2020 online titled "It's Officially Legal so Let's Scrape the Web."
  • Sentiment Analysis Fourier Transforms and More Python D...

    • icon Rank: 10
    • icon 2020-11-20
    • icon Score: 1107
    Are you interested in learning more about Natural Language Processing? Have you heard of sentiment analysis? This week on the show Kyle Stratis returns to talk about his new article titled Use Sentiment Analysis With Python to Classify Movie Reviews. David Amos is also here and all of us cover another batch of PyCoder’s Weekly articles and projects.
  • Thinking in Pandas: Python Data Analysis the Right Way

    • icon Rank: 11
    • icon 2020-07-03
    • icon Score: 1105
    Are you using the Python library Pandas the right way? Do you wonder about getting better performance or how to optimize your data for analysis? What does normalization mean? This week on the show we have Hannah Stepanek to discuss her new book "Thinking in Pandas".
  • Measuring Your Python Learning Progress

    • icon Rank: 12
    • icon 2021-09-24
    • icon Score: 1088
    Where are you along the path of learning Python? Do you feel like you're making progress? What are ways you can put the learning path into a more precise focus? This week on the show we talk with previous guest Martin Breuss about his recent article "How Long Does It Take to Learn Python?"
  • Automate Processes and Distribute Python Tools With RPA a...

    • icon Rank: 13
    • icon 2023-04-07
    • icon Score: 1086
    Are you exploring automation of your repetitive business tasks with Python? How are you going to share your helpful tools with co-workers? This week on the show Sampo Ahokas from Robocorp is here to discuss robotic process automation (RPA) and distribution of these robots.
  • Building Python REST APIs With Flask & Structuring Pull R...

    • icon Rank: 14
    • icon 2022-11-25
    • icon Score: 1083
    How do you build a REST API using the Flask web framework? How can you quickly add endpoints while automatically generating documentation? This week on the show Real Python author Philipp Acsany is here to discuss his tutorial series "Python REST APIs With Flask Connexion and SQLAlchemy." Christopher Trudeau is also here with another batch of PyCoder's Weekly articles and projects.
  • The Challenges of Developing Into a Python Professional

    • icon Rank: 15
    • icon 2021-02-26
    • icon Score: 1075
    What's the difference between writing code for yourself and developing for others? What new considerations do you need to take into account as a professional Python developer? This week on the show we talk to Dane Hillard about his book "Practices of the Python Pro".
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