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  • Lessons from 10k hours of programming (Interview)

    • icon Rank: 1
    • icon 2021-10-08
    • icon Score: 5091
    Today we’re talking to Matt Rickard about his blog post Reflections on 10000 Hours of Programming. Matt was clear to mention that these reflections are purely about coding not career advice or other soft skills. These reflections are just about deliberately writing code for 10000 hours which also correlates with the number of hours needed to master a skill. If you count the reflections we cover on the show and be the first to comment on this episode we’ll get in touch and send you a coupon code to use for a 100% free t-shirt in the merch store. Good luck…
  • Modern Unix tools (Interview)

    • icon Rank: 2
    • icon 2021-07-31
    • icon Score: 4981
    This week we’re talking with Nick Janetakis about modern unix tools and the various commands tooling and ways we use the commmand line. Do you Bash or Zsh? Do you use cat or bat? What about man vs tldr? Today’s show is a deep dive into unix tools you know and love or should know and maybe love.
  • GPT has entered the chat (Interview)

    • icon Rank: 3
    • icon 2022-12-16
    • icon Score: 1815
    To wrap up the year we’re talking about what’s breaking the internet again. Yes we’re talking about ChatGPT and we’re joined by our good friend Shawn “swyx” Wang. Between his writings on L-Space Diaries and his AI notes repo on GitHub we had a lot to cover around the world of AI and what might be coming in 2023. Also we have one more show coming out before the end of the year — our 5th annual “State of the log” episode where Adam and Jerod look back at the year and talk through their favorite episodes of the year and feature voices from the community. So stay tuned for that next week.
  • Why we 💚 Vim (Interview)

    • icon Rank: 4
    • icon 2021-07-21
    • icon Score: 1699
    On this special edition of The Changelog we tell Vim’s story from the mouths of its users. Julia Evans Drew Neil Suz Hinton and Gary Bernhardt join Jerod Santo for a deep and wide-ranging discussion about “the best text editor that anyone ever wrote.”
  • OAuth "It's complicated." (Interview)

    • icon Rank: 5
    • icon 2021-08-23
    • icon Score: 1651
    Today we’re joined by Aaron Parecki co-founder of IndieWebCamp and maintainer of for a deep dive on the state of OAuth 2.0 and what’s next in OAuth 2.1. We cover the complications of OAuth RFCs like Proof Key for Code Exchange also known as PKCE OAuth for browser-based apps and next generation specs like the Grant Negotiation and Authorization Protocol also known as GNAP. The conversation begins with how Aaron experiements with the IndieWeb as a showcase of what’s possible.
  • Git with your friends (Interview)

    • icon Rank: 6
    • icon 2023-02-10
    • icon Score: 1615
    This week we invited our friend Mat Ryer to join us for some good conversation about some Git tooling that’s been on our radar. You may know Mat from Go Time and also Grafana’s Big Tent which we help to produce. We speculate we discuss we laugh and Mat even breaks into song a few times. It’s good fun.
  • State of the "log" 2022 (Interview)

    • icon Rank: 7
    • icon 2022-12-23
    • icon Score: 1608
    Our 5th annual year-end wrap-up episode! Sit back relax pour a glass of your favorite beverage and join us for listener voice mails our favorite episodes some must-listens and of course the top 5 most listened to episodes of the year. Thanks for listening! 💚
  • ONE MORE thing every dev should know (Interview)

    • icon Rank: 8
    • icon 2022-03-11
    • icon Score: 1593
    The incomparable Jessica Kerr is back with another grab-bag of amazing topics. We talk about her journey to Honeycomb devs getting satisfaction from the code they write why step one for her is “get that new project into production” and step two is observe it her angst for the context switching around pull requests some awesome book recommendations how game theory and design can translate to how we skill up and level up our teams and so much more.
  • Learning-focused engineering (Interview)

    • icon Rank: 9
    • icon 2021-10-01
    • icon Score: 1566
    This week we’re joined by Brittany Dionigi Director of Platform Engineering at Articulate and we’re talking about how organizations can take a more intentional approach to supporting the growth of their engineers through learning-focused engineering. Brittany has been a software engineer for more than 10 years and learned formal educational and classroom-based learning strategies as a Technical Lead & Senior Instructor at Turing School of Software & Design. We talk through a ton of great topics; getting mentorship right common coaching opportunities classroom-based learning strategies like backwards planning and ways to identify and maximize the learning opportunities for teams and org.
  • Wisdom from 50+ years in software (Interview)

    • icon Rank: 10
    • icon 2022-03-30
    • icon Score: 1563
    Today we have a special treat. A conversation with Brian Kernighan! Brian’s been in the software game since the beginning of Unix. Yes he was there at Bell Labs when it all began. And he is still at it today writing books and teaching the next generation at Princeton. This is an epic and wide ranging conversation. You’ll hear about the birth of Unix Ken Thompson’s unique skillset why Brian thinks C has stood the test of time his thoughts on modern languages like Go and Rust what’s changed in 50 years of software what makes platforms like Unix and the web so powerful his take as a professor on the trend of programmers skipping the university track and so much more. Seriously this is a must-listen.
  • The principles of data-oriented programming (Interview)

    • icon Rank: 11
    • icon 2023-01-14
    • icon Score: 1548
    Jerod is joined by Yehonathan Sharvit author of Data-Oriented Programming to discuss the virtues of treating data as a first-class citizen in our applications and the four principles that make it possible.
  • The foundations of Continuous Delivery (Interview)

    • icon Rank: 12
    • icon 2021-07-02
    • icon Score: 1540
    This week we’re sharing one of the most popular episodes from our new podcast Ship It. Ship It launched in May and now has 8 episodes in the feed to enjoy…it’s hosted by Gerhard Lazu our SRE here at Changelog. In this episode Gerhard talks with Dave Farley co-author of Continuous Delivery and the inventor of the Deployment Pipeline. Today most of us ship code the way we do because 25 years ago Dave cared enough to drive the change that we now call CI/CD. He is one of the great software engineers: opinionated perseverant & focused since the heydays of the internet. Dave continues inspiring and teaching us all via his newly launched YouTube channel courses and recent books. The apprentice finally meets the master 🙇‍♂️🙇‍♀️
  • Practical ways to solve hard problems (Interview)

    • icon Rank: 13
    • icon 2022-04-22
    • icon Score: 1538
    Frank Krueger joined us to talk about solving hard problems. Earlier this year he wrote a blog post titled “Practical Guide to Solving Hard Problems” and a lot of what he had to say really resonated with us. The premise is simple — if you have to write some code that you’re just not sure how to write…what do you do? What are the practical steps that you can take when you’re feeling stumped? Today’s show goes deep on that subject…practical ways to solve hard problems and ship your best work. Frank has his own podcast called Merge Conflict — check it out at
  • Data tool belts Build Your Own Redis the giscus comment...

    • icon Rank: 14
    • icon 2023-01-30
    • icon Score: 1512
    Jeremia Kimelman takes stock of his “data tool belt” Build Your Own Redis with C/C++ is ready to read giscus is a comments system powered by GitHub Discussions Matt Rickard says prompt engineering shouldn’t be a thing and won’t be a thing in the future & Kolja Lubitz’s ALPACA is engine for building adventure games and interactive comics.
  • Mainframes are still a big thing (Interview)

    • icon Rank: 15
    • icon 2023-01-27
    • icon Score: 1508
    This week we’re talking about mainframes with Cameron Seay Adjunct Professor at East Carolina University and a member of the Governing Board of the Open Mainframe Project. If you’ve been curious about mainframes this show will be a great guide. Cameron explains exactly what a mainframe is and how it’s different from the cloud. We talk COBOL and the state of education and opportunities around that language. We cover the state-of-the-art in mainframe land System Z Linux on mainframes and more.
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