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  • Creating and selling multiplayer online games

    • icon Rank: 1
    • icon 2019-05-24
    • icon Score: 21994
    We’re talking with Victor Zhou about the explosion of the .io game genre. We talked through all the details around building and running one of these games the details behind Victor’s super popular game called Generals — which he eventually sold and we also covered the economics behind creating and selling one of these games.
  • Off the grid social networking with Manyverse

    • icon Rank: 2
    • icon 2019-05-18
    • icon Score: 20748
    We’re talking with Andre Staltz creator of Manyverse — a social network off the grid. It’s open source and free in every sense of the word. We talked through the backstory how a user’s network gets formed how data is stored and shared why off-grid is so important to Andre and what type of user uses an “off-the-grid” social network.
  • Observability is for your unknown unknowns

    • icon Rank: 3
    • icon 2019-08-07
    • icon Score: 14634
    Christine Yen (co-founder and CEO of Honeycomb) joined the show to talk about her upcoming talk at Strange Loop titled “Observability: Superpowers for Developers.” We talk practically about observability and how it delivers on these superpowers. We also cover the biggest hurdles to observability the cultural shifts needed in teams to implement observability and even the gains the entire organization can enjoy when you deliver high-quality code and you’re able to respond to system failure with resilience.
  • Modern software is built on APIs

    • icon Rank: 4
    • icon 2019-09-06
    • icon Score: 10754
    Abhinav Asthana (founder of Postman) joined the show to talk about Postman an ADE — API Development Environment — that began as open source and is now a full-fledged company that just announced a $50 million dollar Series B. We talk about why Postman has grown so successfully APIs and their impact to core business factors what it means to be an API Development Environment (ADE) and how they created one of the most popular API platforms and community.
  • Why smart engineers write bad code

    • icon Rank: 5
    • icon 2019-03-29
    • icon Score: 10413
    We’re talking with Adam Barr a 23 year Microsoft veteran about his book “The problem with software” sub-titled “Why smart engineers write bad code.” We examine that very idea the gap between industry and academia and more importantly what we can do to get a better feedback loop going between them.
  • Python's new governance and core team

    • icon Rank: 6
    • icon 2019-06-06
    • icon Score: 10385
    We’re talking with Brett Cannon for a behind the scenes look at Guido stepping down as Python’s BDFL (Benevolent dictator for life) and the process they had to go through to establish a new governance model the various proposed PEPs to establish this new direction the winning PEP and what the future holds for Python.
  • Quirk and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

    • icon Rank: 7
    • icon 2019-05-10
    • icon Score: 10363
    We’re talking with Evan Conrad — for most of Evan’s life he has suffered from severe panic attacks often twice per week. Eventually he stumbled upon a therapy method called Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or CBT for short and saw positive results. This led him to create Quirk an open source iOS app which allows its users to practice one of the most common formats of CBT. On the show we mentioned a new podcast we’re launching called Brain Science — it’s hosted by Adam Stacoviak and Mireille Reece a Doctor of Clinical Psychology. Brain Science is a podcast for the curious that explores the inner-workings of the human brain to understand behavior change habit formation mental health and the human condition. It’s Brain Science applied — not just how does the brain work but how do we apply what we know about the brain to better our lives. Stay tuned after the show for a special preview of Brain Science. If you haven’t yet right now would be a great time to subscribe to Master at It’s one feed to rule them all plus some extras that only hit the master feed.
  • Maintainer spotlight! Feross Aboukhadijeh

    • icon Rank: 8
    • icon 2019-08-29
    • icon Score: 9410
    In this episode we’re shining our maintainer spotlight on Feross Aboukhadijeh. Feross is the creator and maintainer of 100’s of open source projects which have been downloaded 100’s of million of times each month — projects like StandardJS BitMidi and WebTorrent to name a few. This episode with Feross continues our maintainer spotlight series where we dig deep into the life of an open source software maintainer. We’re producing this series in partnership with Tidelift. Huge thanks to Tidelift for making this series possible.
  • OSCON 2019 anthology

    • icon Rank: 9
    • icon 2019-08-23
    • icon Score: 9344
    We’re on the expo hall floor of OSCON 2019 talking with Eric Holscher Ali Spittel and Hong Phuc Dang. First up we talk to Eric about his work at Write the Docs ethical advertising and the Pac-Man rule at conferences. Second we talk with Ali about her passion for teaching developers her passion for writing and her new found love for podcasting. Last we talk with Hong about her work at FOSSASIA the disconnect between America and Asia in open source and several of the cool open source projects they have on GitHub.
  • Python's Tale

    • icon Rank: 10
    • icon 2019-07-02
    • icon Score: 7880
    We partnered with Red Hat to promote Season 3 of Command Line Heroes — an original podcast from Red Hat hosted by Saron Yitbarek about the people who transform technology from the command line up. It’s an awesome show and we’re huge fans of Saron and the team behind the podcast so we wanted to share it with you. Learn more and subscribe at
  • The Pragmatic Programmers

    • icon Rank: 11
    • icon 2019-07-11
    • icon Score: 7155
    Dave Thomas and Andy Hunt best known as the authors of The Pragmatic Programmer and founders of The Pragmatic Bookshelf joined the show today to talk about the 20th anniversary edition of The Pragmatic Programmer. This is a beloved book to software developers all over the world so we wanted to catch up with Andy and Dave to talk about how this book came to be some of the wisdom shared in its contents as well as the impact it’s had on the world of software. Also the beta book is now “fully content complete” and is going to production. If you decide to pick up the ebook you’ll get a coupon for 50% off the hardcover when it comes out this fall.
  • Running functions anywhere with OpenFaaS

    • icon Rank: 12
    • icon 2019-04-25
    • icon Score: 6228
    We’re talking with Alex Ellis the founder of OpenFaaS — serverless functions made simple for Docker and Kubernetes. We talked about the backstory and details of OpenFaaS “the curious case of serverless on Kubernetes” the landscape of open source serverless platforms how Alex is leading and building this community getting involved and maintainership vs leadership.
  • Lessons from 10k hours of programming

    • icon Rank: 13
    • icon 2021-10-08
    • icon Score: 5072
    Today we’re talking to Matt Rickard about his blog post Reflections on 10000 Hours of Programming. Matt was clear to mention that these reflections are purely about coding not career advice or other soft skills. These reflections are just about deliberately writing code for 10000 hours which also correlates with the number of hours needed to master a skill. If you count the reflections we cover on the show and be the first to comment on this episode we’ll get in touch and send you a coupon code to use for a 100% free t-shirt in the merch store. Good luck…
  • Modern Unix tools

    • icon Rank: 14
    • icon 2021-07-31
    • icon Score: 4977
    This week we’re talking with Nick Janetakis about modern unix tools and the various commands tooling and ways we use the commmand line. Do you Bash or Zsh? Do you use cat or bat? What about man vs tldr? Today’s show is a deep dive into unix tools you know and love or should know and maybe love.
  • The war for the soul of open source

    • icon Rank: 15
    • icon 2019-07-16
    • icon Score: 4736
    Adam Jacob (co-founder and board member of Chef) joins the show to talk about the keynote he’s giving at OSCON this week. The keynote is titled “The war for the soul of open source.” We talked about what made open source great in the first place what went wrong the pitfalls of open core models licensing and more. By the way we’re at OSCON this week so if you make your way to the expo hall make sure you come by our booth and say hi.
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