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Concurrency and FP with Riccardo Terrell

When Riccardo Terrell hit the concurrency limitations in a jvm application, he thought back to the haskell he learned in a university course and decided to rewrite the entire thing in haskell.  The immutability of the haskell solution made the concurrency bottleneck non-existent.  It is no surprise that years later, his book on concurrency in .net leans heavily on functional programming constructs and the functional features of F# and C#.

Today we talk about concurrency and functional programming, about F#  how it compares to haskell and scala.  We also chat about CPU architectures, best practises for writing distributed systems and much more.

Thanks to Manning we also have some free copies of the book to give away.  Leave a comment on the webpage for the episode or on twitter if you are interested and I will randomly pick from the interested parties.

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  1. Jeison Cardoso

    October 4, 2018

    Good episode.
    Any problem with the @adamgbell profile?

    • Adam Bell

      October 4, 2018

      Ah, it was a bad link. Its @adamgordonbell, fixed. Glad you liked the episode.

  2. Noah A Rahman

    October 12, 2018

    Good episode! Would be interested in a free copy if any are left.

    • Hi Noah,
      Unfortunately you have missed the book draw, but use code corecpod18 to get 40% books at manning.

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Concurrency and FP with Riccardo Terrell