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God’s Programming Language With Philip Wadler

Does god code in Haskell?

Professor and accomplished programming language researcher Philip Wadler believes that typed lambda calculus was discovered not invented — part of the underpinnings of the universe itself. As a result, functional programming languages are more fundamental and deeply justified than their alternatives.

We talk about this principle, which has guided his career. Phil takes us through the history of computer science from Turing to Alonzo Church. Eventually we get to what the movie Independence Day got wrong and what language a theoretical creator deity would program in.

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  1. Habib Alamin

    October 23, 2018

    I’d really like a source on the claim that men basically kicked women out of computing when they figured out it was interesting work, because it sounds like an absurd claim — and I’m really not paraphrasing that much; listen from 7 minutes in if you don’t believe me — and it’s pushing an agenda.

    • Adam Gordon Bell

      October 23, 2018

      It sounded to me like Phil source was someone whom actually experienced this, a friends mother. It doesn’t seem like an absurd claim to me.

      • Habib Alamin

        October 23, 2018

        I’m talking about a source that can be corroborated, perhaps replicated (maybe a study), or somehow fact-checked in one way or another.

        The personal experience of someone I don’t know and their perspective on that personal experience is not a credible source. There are a lot of things that someone could mean when they say they were being pushed out before we even get into its validity — anything from “women began to be blacklisted from every place that did computing” to, “so many men started coming in that the ratio of women started decreasing precipitously”.

        It sounded to me like Phil’s source was more than just his friend’s mother, anyway; Phil referred to “other historical documents describing that” which he found after his friend’s mother said this to him. I would like to know which historical documents he’s talking about.

    • Mar Hicks has recently released a book on this: Programmed Inequality: How Britain Discarded Women Technologists and Lost Its Edge in Computing .

  2. what was the paper Philip said “very readable and entertaining” by Russell?

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God’s Programming Language With Philip Wadler