Test in Production with Charity Majors

Today’s Interview is with Charity Majors. We talk about how to make it easier to debug production issues in today’s world of complicated distributed systems. A warning, There is some explicit language in this interview.

I originally saw a talk by Charity where she said something like fuck your metrics and dashboards, you should test in production more. It was a pretty hyperbolic statement, but backed up with a lot of great insights. I think you’ll find this interview similarly insightful.

Charity and her company are probably best known for popularizing the concept that observability in the key to being able to debug issues in production.

Also if you are a talented developer with functional programming skills, I’ve got a job offer for you. My employer Tenable is hiring.  Tenable is a pretty great place to work. Here is a job link.


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Test in Production with Charity Majors