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Welcome to CoRecursive. A Podcast where each episode someone shares the fascinating story behind a piece of software being built.

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  • To The Assembly

    To The Assembly

    • Oct 01, 20
    • 41 min

    How do CPUs work? How do compilers work? How does high-level code get translated into machine code? Today’s guest is Matt Godbolt and he knows the answers to these questions.

    How he became an expert in bare metal programming is an interesting story. Matt shares his origin story and the creation of compiler explorer in... more..

  • Memento Mori

    Memento Mori

    • Sep 01, 20
    • 40 min

    Preparing our minds for the inevitable - death is hard. After facing terminal cancer, Kate Gregory reminded herself that this event can still become inspiring by focusing on the positive.

    In this episode,  Kate is going to share her success and explain how you could apply her 5 pieces of advice to your career as... more..

  • We're Teaching Functional Programming Wrong

    We're Teaching Functional Programming Wrong

    • Aug 03, 20
    • 46 min

    Today Richard Feldman shares his story of going from javascript developer to elm developer to functional programming teacher.

    Along the way, Richard finds that people are teaching functional programming wrong.  We are teaching it in a way that misses how most industrial software developers learn best.

    In this episode, Richard Feldman delves into Elm, his... more..

  • Software That Doesn't Suck

    Software That Doesn't Suck

    • Jul 01, 20
    • 37 min

    Software is just the tool and it should get out of your way. In this episode, Jim discusses how to build a great developer tool.  It all started with: “What’s the worst software that you use every day?” and led to the creation of Subversion.

  • Unproven Techology Case Study

    Unproven Techology Case Study

    • Jun 10, 20
    • 39 min

    Choosing the programming language or framework for a project can be to the success of the project.

    In today’s episode, Sean Allen shares a story of picking the right tool for a job. The tool he ends up picking will surprise you.

    His problem: make a distributed stream processing framework, something that can take a... more..

  • Tech Evangelism

    Tech Evangelism

    • Nov 01, 19
    • 67 min

    What makes some pieces of technology take off? Why is java popular and not small talk or Haskell?

    Gabe is a popular blogger, a former Haskell cheerleader, and creator of the Dhall configuration language. Today we talk about marketing and tech evangelism.

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