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Scala Native with Denys Shabalin

Scala is a functional and object oriented programming language built on the JVM. Scala Native takes this language, loved by many, and brings it to bare metal. Scala Native is an optimizing ahead-of-time compiler and lightweight managed runtime designed specifically for Scala.

Denys Shabalin is a Research Assistant at the EPFL and the primary creator of Scala Native. In this episode, I interview Denys about the motivations behind the Scala Native project, how it was implemented and future directions. He also briefly touches on how Scala Native made cold compilation times of Scala code twice as fast. If you are interested in functional programming, compiler design, or want to learn some interesting tidbits about garbage collector design and trade offs you will like this episode.

Podcast Transcript

“So the core Scala is really as close as we can make it, and be as same as in JVM” – Denys Shabalin

“But if you have native, we don’t really have to have this problem because the very first run is already optimized, so you can already run optimize code immediately.” – Denys Shabalin

“Backend microservice kind of app. This is kind of the area of which we see Scala being used more in the future.” – Denys Shabalin

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Scala Native with Denys Shabalin