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Learning a new language with Bruce Tate

Finding Joy in Programming Languages

There’s joy that can be found in language learning and pain as well. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, there are still some things you can only discover by picking up a new language. 

Bruce Tate will tell us how learning new languages rekindled the spark of joy for him.

Podcast Transcript

“I find that learning a new language mixes a lot of joy in that pain, and that’s when I grow most rapidly as a developer.” – Bruce Tate

“You can’t break somebody else through their own pain. They have to learn their own lessons, and they have to, at some point in the model, they have to feel more and more pain to break through to the expert.” – Bruce Tate

When you visit other places, when you learn other languages, the world gets smaller.” – Bruce Tate



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Learning a new language with Bruce Tate