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Type Driven Development and Idris With Edwin Brady

Edwin Brady is the creator of the Idris programming language and Author of the book Type-Driven Development with Idris and a computer science lecturer.  The book, the language and Edwin himself all seem to be chock full of ideas for improving the way computer programming is done, by applying ideas from programming language theory.

In this interview, we discuss dependent types, type holes, interactive and type-driven development, theorem provers, Curry–Howard correspondence, dependant haskell, total functional programming, British vs American spelling and much more.


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  1. Jason Pickens

    December 5, 2019

    Hi Adam. Thanks a lot for doing these podcasts I really enjoy them. Great work getting amazing interviewees on the show. I hope you keep doing it. The software development community owes you big time!

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Type Driven Development and Idris With Edwin Brady