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React and Scala JS with Shadaj Laddad

Today Adam talks to Shadaj Laddad. What is React? Why do we need front end frameworks at all. Shadaj explains modern front end web development. He also explains why he likes to use react from scala.js and built a framework to make that easy for all.

“React is a lot of things. I guess the core principle is it lets you model your entire application as a function from properties of what you want your page to look like to an HTML tree. Everything is defined as this function. “”

“In the traditional web, everything was built upon mutations, right? You’d collect some data and then you’d do some DOM manipulations to say, Hey, modified the contents of this html node.”

“React kind of abstracts away from that and says, Hey, this is the result I want. Just tell me what you would like the webpage should look like. And I’ll do the internal work to actually make that happen. ”

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React and Scala JS with Shadaj Laddad