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Erlang And Distributed Systems with Steven Proctor

Today’s interview is with Steven Proctor, the host of the functional geekery podcast.  We talk about distributed programming in general and specifically how erlang supports distributed computing.  We also talk about things he’s learned about functional programming and applying FP principles to various non FP contexts.

Podcast Transcript

“So there’s, some management around that as well that allows me to essentially do my database migration on the fly because my database is just the state that the process holds and not an outside database.” – Steven Proctor

“If you’re in a team where a bunch of people may or may not be familiar with the functional programming ideas, you start introducing immutability everywhere. That might be a harder push. As opposed to just saying, “Okay, well let’s think about how we’re changing the data.”  – Steven Proctor

“Essentially Erlang was a language that they evolved and what sounds like a very agile way of sitting with the people who are actually going to be writing the software and building a tool for them that solves their problems. And so early on it became out of the necessity of the problems they were solving.” – Steven Proctor


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Erlang And Distributed Systems with Steven Proctor