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Krystal’s Story

Chasing Your Curiosity and Continuous Learning

Things are easier to learn when you are passionate about something. A lot of great careers are built on curiosity and obsession including Krystal Maughan our guest for today’s episode.

Krystal will share her journey as she chased her curiosity in programming wherever it led her.

Podcast Transcript

“Everybody has that moment when everything’s shiny, you know when it’s new and you walk on to campus like Google or whatever.
Like the first time, I went to Google IO and I just thought it was like, this is insane.” – Krystal Maughan

“If you like to learn things, I think that’s a gift. I think that’s not something that everybody has.” – Krystal Maughan

“I think that seeing programming in different ways and seeing that it could be this kind of fun thing that you could break apart and find different ways of executing.” –Krystal Maughan


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Krystal’s Story