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  • Incident Response with Emil Stolarsky

    • January 5, 2018
    • 51 min
    As a system becomes more complex, the chance of failure increases. At a large enough scale, failures are inevitable. Incident response is the practice of preparing for and effectively recovering from these failures. An engineering team can use checklists and runbooks to minimize failures. They can put a plan in place for responding to failures. more..
  • Scala Native with Denys Shabalin

    • January 1, 2018
    • 48 min
    Scala is a functional and object oriented programming language built on the JVM. Scala Native takes this language, loved by many, and brings it to bare metal. Scala Native is an optimizing ahead-of-time compiler and lightweight managed runtime designed specifically for Scala. Denys Shabalin is a Research Assistant at the EPFL and the primary creator of more..


Adam Gordon Bell

Adam Gordon Bell is a professional software developer. He loves to learn new things and talk to experts in the field.All opinions here are his own. Contact him at [email protected]

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