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  • Software as a Reflection of Values With Bryan Cantrill

    • December 18, 2018
    • 79 min
    Which operating system is the best? Which programming language is the best? What text editor? Bryan Cantrill, CTO of Joyent says that is the wrong question. Languages, operating systems and communities have to make trade offs and they do that based on their values. So the right language is the one who’s values align with more..
  • The Little Typer With Dan Friedman and David Christiansen

    • December 1, 2018
    • 67 min
    When it comes to type systems “I am, so far, only in the dependent types camp” – Daniel P. Friedman You can write more correct software and even rigorous mathematical proofs.  Prepare for some mind stretching. Previous guests like Edwin Brady and Stephanie Weirich have discussed some of the exciting things a dependent type system more..
  • Big Ball Of Mud – Architecture and Services with Wade Waldron

    • November 14, 2018
    • 60 min
    In 1997, researchers analyzed the actual architectures of software in the field. The horrifying results: a large portion were best described by colorful phrases like “big ball of mud” and “sweep it under the rug.” Wade Waldron talks about designing reactive applications and systems and how to avoid these anti-patterns. We also cover when a more..
  • God’s Programming Language With Philip Wadler

    • October 22, 2018
    • 60 min
    Does god code in Haskell? Professor and accomplished programming language researcher Philip Wadler believes that typed lambda calculus was discovered not invented — part of the underpinnings of the universe itself. As a result, functional programming languages are more fundamental and deeply justified than their alternatives. We talk about this principle, which has guided his more..
  • Concurrency and FP with Riccardo Terrell

    • October 3, 2018
    • 62 min
    When Riccardo Terrell hit the concurrency limitations in a jvm application, he thought back to the haskell he learned in a university course and decided to rewrite the entire thing in haskell.  The immutability of the haskell solution made the concurrency bottleneck non-existent.  It is no surprise that years later, his book on concurrency in more..
  • Test in Production with Charity Majors

    • August 31, 2018
    • 47 min
    “Metrics and Dashboards can die in a fire and every software engineer should be on-call” – Charity Majors Today’s Interview is with Charity Majors. We talk about how to make it easier to debug production issues in today’s world of complicated distributed systems.  A warning, There is some explicit language in this interview. I originally saw more..
  • Domain Driven Design and Micro Services With Vaughn Vernon

    • August 17, 2018
    • 49 min
    Today I talk to Vaughn Vernon about how Domain Driven Design can help with designing micro services.  The guidelines that Vaughn has developed in his work on DDD can provide guidance for where service and consistency boundaries should be drawn.  We also talk about the platform he is developing for applying these DDD concepts using more..
  • Http4s With Ross Baker

    • July 27, 2018
    • 50 min
    The promise of functional programming is code that is easier to reason about, test and maintain. Referential transparency means there is no extra context to worry about, we can just focus on inputs and outputs. Examples of functional programming in the small are plentiful. Fibonacci is easy to write as a function but what about more..


Adam Gordon Bell

Adam Gordon Bell is a professional software developer. He loves to learn new things and talk to experts in the field.All opinions here are his own. Contact him at [email protected]

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